2018 Event Sponsors


Thank you to all of the sponsors listed for making this event possible.


UC Report

Underclassmen Report is a database used to find, track and review high school recruits. You can view all of their stats just as you would a college athlete in the NFL Draft. Take a look at our demo for more information here.

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Stacked Sports

Efficiently communicate, analyze, and engage your recruits on social media with RecruitSuite.Simple and powerful software to easily manage individual or mass direct message communication, monitor content, analyze and report social media data.

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49 Degrees

Our team of strategists work to maximize brand potential for our clients. From renovating existing facilities to building new ones, Forty Nine is the company to turn to for cutting-edge design and innovative materials.

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Tracking Football

Tracking Football uses the connection between track & field and football to develop powerful algorithms and ranking tools, designed to compare the pure athleticism of individual players, positions, and teams. We have created proprietary athletic scores to help coaches at all levels identify the right football players for their program.

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Arms Software

The ARMS team is a group of veteran, proven technology entrepreneurs that have built some of the most successful software companies in North America over the past 20 years. This group has also built some of the largest and most famous software systems in the world for companies like GEICO, Apple, Nike, Bank of America, and all of the major train companies in North America to name a few.

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We take recruiting to a new level not found anywhere else.  Our tools show you what your needs are now and what your future needs are at a click of a button. We give you the tools that help you find athletes faster, evaluate them, and make offers that are focused to make your team successful.

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On the board

Customize your player profile, add current highlights and stats, post updates to your news feed, and connect with programs and other recruits - all in one place. Separate yourself from the competition and get On The Board.

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Whistle Recruiting

After observing the inefficiencies of the recruiting communication process first hand, we looked to the current software providers to create a solution. When we realized nobody had a sufficient tool that would solve the problem, we quit our jobs, rolled up our sleeves, and did something about it.

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